As your web designer, I’ll help you place your message on the Internet, where it will be available virtually anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.  During the course of building your web site, I will provide you with the following:

" Laurence is creative, listens well and, most of all, gets the job done and gets it done right!  If he doesn't know the answer to something, he'll tell you so, then proceed immediately to finding the solution.  I can't recommend him highly enough.  "
       Will Seyffert

“ When I first started thinking about doing my site I was overwhelmed.  I didn't feel in touch with my creativity because of the large task at hand.  Let me tell you, that was not my experience once I started working with Laurence.  He is creative, he has great suggestions and he is very easy to work with.  I have received so many compliments on my site.  It is efficient, eye appealing, changes and updates are easily made.  My site is doing for me exactly what I wanted - my team uses it for training, to introduce the product line and opportunity and to get all current updates off the calendar.  My experience working with Laurence is total ease. ”
          Sandra Tillinghast

“ I love my website!  I couldn't imagine how it should be done, and Laurence made it come alive with imagination and creativity.  He also very clearly explained to me the technical things -- like upload & download -- that I needed but had no idea how to work.  And I kept thinking of more things to add and he was always accepting and patient with my confusion and ignorance, and he always maintained a good sense of humor!  Thanks, Laurence! “
     Meridith Kibbe

“ Laurence is professional, fast, creative and delivers above and beyond what you ask for. ”
       Kirk Orlando

“ Laurence, thank you for always going the extra step to translate out vision into the most comprehensive and informative website of its kind on the Internet. With every update that we request, you get it done in record time. Your thoughts, dedication and ability to transfer the ideas of our organization into pages that site visitors find easy to understand has turned our website into the definitive source for facts and truth about what we do. “
       Tony Magaletta


  • Web Site Host
    I’ll assist you in the process of selecting and signing up with a “web hosting” company.  This service will connect your site to the Internet and make it available worldwide 24 hours a day.  The typical charge for a site ranges from less than $10 to $45 per month, depending upon the requirements of your website.
  • Domain Name
    I‘ll also help you select and obtain your “domain name.”  The typical cost is about $10 per year.


  • Page Design
    I will design all of your web pages based on the text information and graphics that you provide.  I’ll also write copy and create graphics for you, including a logo, if necessary.  This is your web site... the style and appearance of the site will be determined by you with input from me, but you may choose how much or how little you would like to contribute.  I can present you with a concept, or you can present one to me, or we could develop the design jointly.  Together, we will arrive at a look and feel that closely resembles the attitude that you think will best represent your company in the marketplace.
  • Search Engines
    It is, of course, beneficial for you to make it easy for people to locate your web site through the various Internet “search engines.”  I will see to it that the necessary elements are designed directly into your web pages so as to enable these search engines to log and categorize your web site properly.  And I will submit your web site to all of the most important search engine companies.
  • Cross-compatibility
    Efforts will be made to design your web site so that it appears as intended on the most common computer configurations within our target audience.


  • Always fair
    Somewhat more than what your neighbor’s-sister-in-law’s-teenaged-nephew would have charged if he could have sat still long enough to finish your web site.  Way less than what any of those big fancy schmancy web companies would have charged you.  Always fair.  Call me.


  • Fast
    I will begin work on your web site right away and I’ll stick with it until it’s done.  Project time will vary, but most sites can be completed within a matter of weeks.


  • I’ll stick with you
    I’ve sometimes heard people speak about their “never-to-be-heard-from-again Computer Guy.”   Indeed, computer guys are often likened to home contractors... horror stories abound.  With apologies to the hard-working home contractors amongst us, I’ll stay on schedule and I’ll keep at it until you are totally happy with the finished product.  And, just as important, I will remain available to you to make any changes, updates and additions that may be required in the future.  Turnaround time for most updates will be extremely fast… usually within 3 days, or faster if needed.
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