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    Before we begin to build your new web
        site, you will need to have 2 things...

Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting services can be provided by many different companies, some cheaper than others.  I look for a company that provides reliable service and competant 24/7 technical support.  Based on that, I offer a few suggestions below, but if you’d prefer to select your own web host, I encourage you to do your own research.

Provider of full-featured Windows hosting packages and excellent voice and ticket support.

Lunarpages.com Web Hosting  

Provider of advanced Unix hosting packages with support for multiple domains and with ridiculously huge file storage and bandwidth available on their lowest priced plans.

Domain Name

The Domain Name is the name of your web site... “YourGreatWebsite.com.”  The fee for the Domain Name is billed to you yearly... usually a .com domain name will cost $25 a year or less, while a .org name (for non-profit organizations) will cost $20 and certain newer names like .tv will cost up to $50 per year.  The following will assist in selecting and procuring a Domain Name.

NOTE: If you discover that a domain name is available, that DOES NOT necessarily mean that this particular name is free from trademark claims or any other claims of fair use.  You are strongly advised to seek councel and to conduct your own search before you begin to do business using a new domain name.

GoDaddy.com   GoDaddy is reliable source to buy domain names... inexpensive and very good voice support.

Nameboy.com   Having trouble selecting a domain name?  Type in one or two words and they give you suggestions... lots of suggestions.  Sometimes helpful.  Always amusing.

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